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Emerging Tech (ET) Subscription Services

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In the wake of the Energy Storage & Electric Vehicle dawn in India, the market for advanced battery storage systems is forecasted to reach a cumulative potential of ~ 800 GWh during 2021-2030, which is a ~ US$ 53,000 Bn opportunity for advanced battery cell manufacturers. The sector is alive with market participants across the value chain making milestone decisions that determines the future of the company in this decade.

Market Intelligence Reports :

CES offers annual reports on Emerging technology markets in India.

  • Electric Vehicles, Batteries and Components
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Market
  • Front-of-meter Stationary Energy Storage market
  • Behind-the-meter Stationary Energy Storage Market
  • Thermal Energy Storage market
  • India Hydrogen Market…Coming Soon

To view the Industry Reports please click here.

Emerging Technology Review Reports

These Reports cover all major technologies globally in stationary storage and Electric vehicle space which are currently commercially available or in the final development stage.

  • Emerging Tech Review Report on Stationary Applications
  • Emerging Tech review Report on E-mobility
  • Emerging Technology Review report on Hydrogen…Coming Soon

To view the Industry Reports please click here.

Storage IQ

This is a monthly issue from CES intended to inform the subscribers of the latest news and updates in the storage, Electric vehicle and Ev charging markets in India. Following information is covered in the Storage IQ

  • Policy/regulations/ Important dates and meetings
  • Status of all tenders and ongoing projects
  • Battery raw material price trends
  • IEX price trends
  • Other critical Industry news

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