June 8, 2010 / News & Updates

Wednesday in Dallas, Texas, with about 20,000 attendees including a broad range of industry leaders and with a record of nearly 1,400 companies exhibiting the latest in wind power technology over an area the size of six football fields, making WINDPOWER 2010 the largest energy trade show in America.

The Conference focused heavily on the need for a national commitment to renewable energy in the form of a federal renewable energy standard, as well as emphasizing the incredible success of wind resource construction and integration over the last year, and the continuing need for transmission to facilitate continued growth.

An all-time record for wind power production in Texas set the opening of the conference at 5:16PM on May 23 – wind power hit an all-time production high of 6,721 MWh – meeting 14% of peak electricity demand on that hot afternoon. The Customized team was well represented, with Stephen, Juan, Caryn, and Ariel attending portions of the four-day event.