Study Finds Iowa Stored Energy Park Cost-Effective

February 7, 2011 / Press Release

The study examined the operation of ISEP and alternatives in the MISO market as a whole. It concluded that additional value not included in the study may be available for ISEP if combined with a specific entity’s wind energy portfolio to “time-shift” wind production that occurs during off-peak times to on-peak, where available transmission capacity allows.

“ISEP will be a time machine for energy”, said Bob Schulte of Schulte Associates LLC, ISEP Executive Director and Project Manager. “It will mean clean energy for the region and jobs for Iowa. Subject to the results of our geology testing over the coming months, ISEP’s innovative storage capabilities and operational flexibility will further increase the I.Q. of the Smart Grid.”

In addition to RW Beck, other subject matter experts contributing to the study included Customized Energy Solutions (CES) of Philadelphia, PA for ancillary services and MISO operations, and Brulin Associates of Chesterfield, Virginia for CAES facility design and performance. A summary of the study results can be found at

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