Renewable Energy Certificates Conclave

January 31, 2011 / News & Updates

As the world governments prepare their carbon emissions markets, the Indian government has announced the launch of its largest Domestic Carbon Market Initiative – Renewable Energy Certificates. The mechanism could become the essence of a future carbon market and will redefine the renewable energy sector growth in India, by introducing flexibility and removing geographical barriers for promoting the Renewable Energy projects across the country.

Other probable domestic carbon markets, including white certificates are also being planned in India. The REC mechanism has the potential to eventually grow into a multi-billion dollar green certificates market aligned with the international markets and open up wide corridors for huge investments into the sector.

The Renewable Energy Certificate Market

This event will address the industry issues related to the growth of REC market in India. It is an ideal platform for all renewable energy investors to learn about the next biggest opportunity for the renewable energy industry in India and network with industry experts.

India’s electricity market is undergoing a dynamic change.

REC markets in India could achieve a market size of more than 10,000 crores in a few years. With guaranteed revenues for renewable energy projects, the REC cashflow will become an critical feature of all future renewable energy investments in the country. Also with a special focus on Solar projects, the Solar RECs will support the JNNSM by providing a guaranteed alternative revenue stream for project investors.

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The President of Customized Energy Solutions, Stephen Fernands, will be speaking on Solar & Non- Solar Price Structures.