Special Invitation To Join The 2nd IESA Tech Tour, 15th – 20th April (Mumbai, Vadodara, New Delhi)

April 15, 2013 / News & Updates

India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) invites you to join 2nd comprehensive technical study tour to evaluate the potential of India’s emerging markets for energy storage technologies.

As you may be already aware, India represents one of the fastest growing markets for energy storage and micro grid technologies around the world, with anticipated need for 15-20 GW of grid scale energy storage solutions over next 5-7 years.

The requirement for energy storage ranges from distributed solutions (3-10 kW) for rural electrification, residential and telecom backups to MW scale solutions required for Commercial & Industrial customers as well as 100s of MWs required for renewable integration and ancillary services. Here is a summary of these opportunities:

• India has set ambitious goals of adding 35 GW of wind and 20 GW of solar power by 2020 and Power Grid Corporation of India anticipates a need of 5-7GW of energy storage at transmission level
• India currently has over 300,000 telecom towers and Indian government has mandated hybrid power supply for 50% of these towers in next 5-7 years to reduce diesel consumption.
• India has announced ambitious plans for rural electrification with up to 90% of the costs being covered by central government for providing access of electricity to over 575,000 households in areas without access to grid power with in next 5 years.
• In response to the back to back blackouts witnessed in 2012, Indian regulators are working on plans to launch ancillary service market with in next 12-18 months with potential size of 4-5 GW.
• India has set a National Electric Mobility Mission with a goal of bringing 6-7 Million Electric Vehicles on road by 2020 to reduce imports of oil with a planned investment of ~$4.1 Billion.

Considering all these opportunities, India Energy Storage Alliance has put together 2nd Technical Study tour for global storage executives to understand India market opportunities during April 15-20th, where we have already lined up over 80 key meetings with various stake holders from industries, utilities and policymakers in India across Mumbai, Gujarat and New Delhi over 6 day period.  We have planned the tour to provide maximum support to senior executives like you to understand and explore right partnerships for the growing India market.
Click here to download the 2nd IESA Tech Tour Agenda!

Highlights of the tour includes:
• Special round table discussions with senior executives from Indian utilities, grid operators, large renewable developers, telecom operators, large C&I customers, automobile companies and NGOs
• Special meetings for delegates to meet key Central and State Regulators, Program Directors of key government initiatives such as National Solar Mission, Rural Electrification Corporation etc.
• Additional networking opportunities by specially organized panel discussions on energy storage at 4 events including EcoBuild India (Mumbai),SmartElec (Gujarat), Clean Energy Ministerial Conclave & South Asian Cities summit (New Delhi)
• Special evening receptions organized in collaboration with US India Business Council (Finance Committee in Mumbai and Energy Committee in New Delhi)

We have organized the tour carefully to cover the entire spectrum of opportunities presented by the growing Indian market. If due to time constraint you are not able to take advantage of the entire week, please let us know, and we can customize the tour by allowing you to participate in the Mumbai & Gujarat (15-17th) or Delhi (18-20th) portion of the tour.
For any further information, you may please email
Dr. Rahul Walawalkar
Executive Director – IESA &
Vice President, Emerging Technologies & Markets
Customized Energy Solutions