FERC Order 841 – Let Customized Energy Solutions Answer your Energy Storage Questions

February 28, 2018 / Media, News & Updates, Press Release

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 28, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Earlier this month, FERC issued a landmark ruling for energy storage in its Order 841. This Order removes barriers to participate in capacity, energy, and ancillary services markets administered by Regional Transmission Organizations (RTO) and Independent System Operators (ISO) by recognizing the “physical and operational characteristics” of the resource.  “Our team at CES has been immersed in the ISO/RTO stakeholder processes, and we are excited about the potential impacts of Order 841. Creating rules for fair treatment of energy storage in the wholesale markets is now a higher priority, and I’m glad that energy storage will ultimately have equal access to the market revenue streams,” said Jacqueline DeRosa, Vice President Emerging Technologies.

Customized Energy Solutions (CES) has been at the forefront of the development and integration of energy storage in the energy markets and contributed to the passage of this landmark ruling through its clients, including the Energy Storage Association. CES can provide the insight and tools to help navigate the shifting landscape for energy storage.

The CES experts have been following and analyzing the ISO/RTO stakeholder processes relating to energy storage.  CES StorageIQ provides up to date details and insights of the developments in energy storage across all North American markets. StorageIQ enables stakeholders to understand the new and changing rules for storage and develop strategies to optimize the impact of those rules.

CES has also utilized their knowledge of the wholesale and retail markets to create CES’ Competitive Market Evaluation Tools for Storage (CoMETS).  CoMETS is a user-friendly tool that helps the electric power industry understand the value proposition and economics of energy storage projects. CoMETS’ modular suite of tools provides analysis for either grid connected or behind the meter sited energy storage and delivers projected financial performance under varying configurations and operating strategies. The CoMETS models include consideration of wholesale capacity, energy and ancillary services products, demand response and retail demand and time of use charge reduction.

Customized Energy Solutions, Ltd. is a pioneer and Energy Storage Association Brad Roberts Award winning leader in the energy storage sector.  CES was the lead consultant for the publicly available “State of Charge” report—an in-depth analysis of market opportunities for energy storage in Massachusetts and policy and program recommendations to help grow that state’s energy storage industry.

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