Energy Storage North America – Optional Workshops – Valuing Energy Storage Services in U.S. Wholesale Markets

September 16, 2014 / Events, News & Updates

Three CES employees will be presenting on Valuing Energy Storage Services in U.S. Wholesale Markets, see information below and register to learn more.


Tuesday, September 30, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Presented by:
Rajshekhar Chintapalli, Senior Energy Consultant, Emerging Technologies, Customized Energy Solutions, Ltd.
Jacqueline M. DeRosa, Director of Regulatory Affairs – West, California, Customized Energy Solutions, Ltd.
Vinayak Walimbe, Director – Financial Services Customized Energy Solutions, Ltd.
Bill Capp, President Grid Storage Consulting

Wholesale markets exist for capacity, energy and ancillary services. Energy storage has a growing market share in these markets due to industry efforts to remove barriers to participation and reduction in system costs. There is a complex set of rules in place for these services that vary from one ISO to the next, and these rules are in a state of flux with no end in sight. This workshop will review where storage projects have the most opportunity to capture value in the wholesale markets. Ancillary service products include Frequency Regulation, Spinning Reserve, Non-Spinning Reserve, a new Flexible Ramping product, and the potential for Frequency Response. The workshop will cover the emerging opportunities associated with ERCOT reinventing their ancillary service market, the changing rules for capacity in PJM and CA, new CAISO product development in CA, and the impact of FERC Order 794 for frequency response. Product characteristics, participation requirements, market size, and value will be discussed. A case study of the implications of the frequency regulation dispatch signal will be presented for PJM, NYISO and CAISO. Storage equipment providing services will experience dramatically different demands on available cycle life, although operational algorithms can provide significant improvements in life.

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