CES Market IQ Team Provides Insights on SPP Mountain West Integration

October 4, 2017 / News & Updates, Press Release

PHILADELPHIA – October 4,2017-  The Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) recently announced the intention of the Mountain West Transmission Group (Mountain West), a coalition of 10 electricity providers in the U.S. Rocky Mountain Region, to pursue public negotiations on the matter of Mountain West utilities joining the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) Regional Transmission Organization (RTO). While WAPA’s announcement is just the start of a multi-year process with a variety of regulatory hurdles to be overcome Customized Energy Solutions’ (CES) Market Intelligence team in SPP is fully ready to provide our clients insights on developments during the process, including the potential impacts to the market and individual market participants.

“Our Market Intelligence team in SPP has been following the developments with Mountain West and SPP for over a year now, and our clients will benefit from our insights on upcoming developments all the way through the process,” said Robert Safuto, Director of Market Intelligence in the SPP Region. CES has been a leader in providing Market Intelligence services in SPP for years and have supported our clients through numerous major market developments, including the development of the Integrated Marketplace (2014) and the integration with Integrated System (IS) utilities (2015).

CES Market IQ is an industry leading wholesale electric power consulting service with regional teams serving over a hundred and twenty-five clients across all RTO/ISO markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico. CES Market IQ team members are regulatory, market and policy experts with decades of experience, not journalists.  Market IQ regional teams are authorities on the complex rules and business practices of the North American RTO/ISO markets. We help all segments of the market from the largest integrated utilities to the smallest storage developers navigate the complicated labyrinth of rules, tariffs, manuals, protocols and processes so they can be profitable and successful.

Parties interested in a free trial of our Market IQ service in SPP may contact Robert Safuto ( or Barbara Clemenhagen, Vice President of Market Intelligence (

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