CES Builds New & Improved Market Operations Center to Meet Rapidly Growing Demand

February 9, 2022 / Press Release

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Customized Energy Solutions (CES) today unveiled its new and improved Market Operations Center (MOC) with expanded capacity to meet the rapidly growing demand of the market.

The 24-hour real time monitoring and control center remotely manages over 300 power generation assets across the U.S., including hydro, wind, solar, energy storage, natural gas, and other traditional fossil fuel sources. With over 13,000 MWs under management, CES’s MOC monitors and controls more energy than any other third-party provider in the U.S.

The MOC plays a critical behind-the-scenes role in keeping America’s energy market operating smoothly. It helps minimize the risk of outages, maximize revenue for customers, and reduce energy costs for consumers by remotely controlling and coordinating energy generation and dispatch and curtailing power consumption during peak periods. MOC personnel also act as a middleman between power plants and regional grid operations, communicating plant status changes and addressing issues as needed. The MOC also performs forward market offers, reserve and regulation offering and monitoring, daily meter verification, and more.

2022 marks the 15th anniversary of CES’s MOC. The service has grown from just one employee carrying a cell phone 24/7 to a state-of-the-art control room with 14 regional grid operator-certified team members. The recent expansion enables CES to triple its assets under management and add 12 new staff members as demand for the services grow. Over the last 5 years alone, the number of assets managed by the MOC has grown more than 127%, with solar and wind assets leading the pack.

“The MOC expansion will allow us to create specialized teams dedicated to various generation types, ultimately empowering CES to deliver a better product and service to our rapidly growing client base,” says Brandon McGee, Director of CES’s Market Operations Center. “As our expertise and responsibility grows, the MOC will play an even larger role in addressing grid issues during storms or blackouts and stabilize consumer energy prices.”

The accelerated growth of renewable energy and storage assets, along with a shift in ownership of these assets from public utilities to private investors, has resulted in increased demand for third-party asset generation management. While public utilities can generally manage their own assets, private investors typically require a third-party asset manager like CES.

The MOC serves customers who own large amounts of energy generation or storage assets or who are heavy power users, including Fortune 500 commercial and industrial companies, private investors, municipalities, utilities, energy retailers, and more. Learn more about how CES’s 24-hour real-time market services can help your organization here.

About Customized Energy Solutions (CES)
Established in 1998, Customized Energy Solutions is an energy advisory, software and services company that works closely with clients to navigate the wholesale and retail electricity markets across the United States and globally. CES offers software solutions, back office operational support, and advisory and consulting services focused on asset optimization and energy market participation efficiency. CES is also a third-party asset manager of more than 13,000 MWs of renewable and conventional generation resources across all ISOs in the United States, Ontario, Canada and Guam. CES empowers clients to achieve their goals by helping them navigate the evolving energy markets, complex market rules, and new energy technologies. To learn more, visit or connect with CES on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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