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Maximize your market opportunities associated with renewable energy generation resources with CES’s comprehensive suite of services tailored to renewable and alternative energy technologies.

Features & Benefits

CES’s experts offer market and financial analyses addressing development, investment, and operations. Financial modeling and market forecasting keep you ahead of the game. Make better decisions with our economic project modeling, technology assessment, site selection, interconnection, and feasibility analysis.

Entering the renewable energy markets? CES provides development, implementation support, and ongoing project analysis. With CES, optimize new and existing assets and market opportunities, and take care of project registration and certification.

Call on us to handle your renewable power and attribute management, including Renewable Energy Credit (REC) sales management (identifying counterparties, negotiation, contract development), settlement, and compliance, and developing your supply portfolio, pricing analyses, and risk mitigation strategies.

 Why CES?

  • Cross-technology expertise – wind, solar, landfill gas, biomass, combined heat and power, storage, emerging tech, and conventional resource types
  • Experienced market experts – over 1 million RECs transacted in 2013 alone
  • Comprehensive state, regional, and wholesale market knowledge