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Energy Market Intelligence

CES | MarketIQ keeps you ahead of the game on regional grid operator rule changes and other important developments, freeing you from labor-intensive and costly efforts of attending multiple meetings and analyzing regional grid operator trends and activities.  CES | MarketIQ provides the tools you need to compete in a dynamic environment, ensuring you have timely regional grid operator information and analysis and can avoid errors in pricing, basis risk management, or regulatory compliance.

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive market coverage, including: CAISO, CANADA (AESO/IESO), CENACE (Mexico), ERCOT, IESO, ISO-NE, MISO, NYISO, PJM, SPP

CES | MarketIQ services include succinct and informative reports on specific stakeholder meetings, as well as CES staff availability for answering questions or discussing topics of interest.

Get access to subject-matter experts on all covered topics including: capacity markets, energy markets, demand response, financial transmission rights, intermittent resources, system planning, ancillary services, credit and settlements.

 Why CES?

  • Emailed reporting and analysis of commercially important regional grid operator developments.
  • Hosted portal with all archived reports and historical nodal price data.
  • Access to CES’s unparalleled team of experts, many of whom have led regional grid operator committees.

Sweeping Energy Reform In Mexico

Mexico has recently adopted sweeping energy reform that promises to radically restructure the electricity sector in Mexico.

LEARN MORE About our work on the Mexico Energy Reform