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CES | StorageIQ keeps you ahead of the game on Regional Grid Operators rules changes, freeing you from the labor-intensive process of attending multiple regional grid operator and state policy meetings, and interpreting comprehensive policy and regulatory filings. CES | StorageIQ provides you with the tools you need to compete in a dynamic environment, ensuring that you have the most up-to-date market impact and pricing analyses along with information pertaining to key meetings and deadlines.


Comprehensive market coverage, including: CAISO, MISO, SPP, ISO-NE, NYISO, ERCOT and PJM.

CES | StorageIQ services are tailored to meet the client’s needs and include succinct and informative reports. We also offer comprehensive one-on-one conference calls to review stakeholder activities specifically related to storage to enable timely analysis and stakeholder input.

Get access to subject-matter experts on all covered topics related to storage development in the U.S. regional grid operator electricity markets.


  • CES | StorageIQ provides emailed reporting and analysis of state and federal initiatives including utility commission and regional grid operator stakeholder processes.
  • The hosted portal includes all CES | StorageIQ reports, including historical files. Easy access frees you from tracking and attending meetings.
  • CES’s team includes experts and leaders in the regulatory and storage arenas with a history of working with and in regional grid operator committees and programs to promote commercialization of new storage technologies.

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CES | InvestmentIQ is a quarterly report that provides unique insight into the investment metrics of energy storage projects. In addition, the reports provide estimates of revenue potential of major applications in various markets. CES Energy Storage Index helps our clients monitor the storage industry growth in a global environment. Investment IQ also features the key financial events in the industry and its impact on the markets.


CES | InvestmentIQ provides quarterly analysis of revenues generated in the US Energy Storage Sector. This gives insight into investment opportunities in the US and tracks worldwide investment trends of public and private companies.

CES Energy Storage Index helps track the performance of the Energy Storage Sector.

The CES Emerging Tech Team is involved in energy storage projects all across the globe.


  • CES | InvestmentIQ helps companies analyze energy storage project economics for various applications
  • With our reporting tools, companies can make better investment decisions in the energy storage sector based on key investment metrics and global investment trends
  • CES also provides insights about emerging market opportunities based on market potential and application