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Demand Response

Hosted Software Solutions

At CES we are focused on providing customers with the tools and market insights needed to maximize value from demand response markets. CES | GREEN enables scalable participation at a level that best fits you and your customers.


Features & Benefits

Voluntary and regional grid operator-administered load reduction program management includes an end-user registration portal, notifications to end-use customers, validation of end-user load reduction via interval or Smart metering, and value calculation.

Get the best in real-time data acquisition and monitoring with our proprietary telemetry/communication hardware, CES | SecureNet.

CES can handle your event tracking and settlement submissions to regional grid operators.

Why CES?

  • Hosted voluntary & mandatory demand response solutions build relationships with end users
  • Long history of providing demand response through partners
  • End-user portal reinforces response & savings impact
  • Integrate savings into retail billing
  • No upfront costs; revenue-share fees align incentives