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Congestion Management



CES develops nomination strategies that maximizes the value of client eligibility to request congestion rights while implementing a congestion hedging approach that is consistent with client risk management goals.

Features & Benefits
Our experts combine a deep understanding of the operation of wholesale electricity markets and the mechanisms that determine congestion prices.  With a close familiarity of the rules governing the allocation and trade of congestion rights, we assist our clients to implement optimal bidding and nomination strategies.

Regional grid operators that operate a day-ahead market offer participants mechanisms to manage exposure to congestion price risk. When replacing firm physical transmission rights with financial rights, some Regional grid operators made available to firm transmission customers a nomination-based allocation of congestion rights. CES is an industry leader in providing support to entities eligible for allocation of congestion rights by designing and implementing a nomination and bidding strategy that will maximize revenue while meeting  the client’s risk management goals.

Why CES?

  • Performance guaranteed or your money back
  • Revenue-share fees align incentives
  • Minimize supply price risk through congestion risk management
  • Deep market and regulatory knowledge
  • Years of experience managing client ARR portfolios in all nomination-based allocation processes, including since the inception of such processes in PJM, MISO, CAISO and SPP.